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Facebook Messenger will now send your photos in 4K Resolution

More than 900 million people are using Facebook Messenger all over the world and are in second place in top messaging apps after Whatsapp. There are many features like chat heads, video calling, and photo sharing.  More than 17 billion photos are sent through messenger every month and the resolution of the images that can be sent was of 2k resolution.

When people send the images with higher resolution, the images are compressed and the highest resolution of the images that can be sent was the 2k resolution. The quality of images was a huge setback for Facebook back then.

The new update of Messenger is giving people an ability to share images with higher resolution i.e., 4k, which offers 4,096x4,096 pixels per image. This is the maximum quality used by smartphones.

This increase in size won’t take much time while sharing photos, they are sent usually at the normal time only. Once the app is updated the images you share will be sent in high quality as it is the default setting in the app.

What is 4K Resolution of Facebook Messenger?

The 4K is the Ultra High Definition Resolution; the pictures of 4K resolution are of 8.3 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It is one of the highest resolutions that of Ultra High Definitions.

The images with 4K resolution are high in quality and there won’t be any loss in the image during compression. In short words, it can be said as the pictures are sent as they are from one phone to another through messenger.

Usually, all the messaging apps compress the images so as they can be sent earlier and easier. But Facebook has changed this norm and is allowing users to send the images with the highest resolution that too as fast as earlier. As of now this new update of Messenger has been rolled out in US, France, South Korea, Canada, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan on both Android and iOS. This update will be given to more countries in coming weeks.

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