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For The Burger Lovers, There Is Nothing Like Burger King

Burger King, a well-known name for the foodies, an irreplaceable section in the world of fast food was founded long back, in and around the 1950s. The initial entrepreneurs were James McLamore and David R. Edgerton. They started their own chain f burger king and evidenced a fast expansion until the year 1967.  It was sold to other entrepreneur named Pillsbury. He then shepherded BurgerKing Survey for two more decades. From then to now, burger ing has expanded itself, been in different hands and has managed gracefully to become one of the largest food chains in the world. In the burger world, it’s a tough competition to McDonald's.

Currently, there are more than 13,000 outlets of burger king. The stores are all around the globe, in the united states as well as 100 different countries of the world. It's still far from its dominant food chain Mcdonald's which has more than 35,000 food outlets across the globe. It manages to be the second largest food chain or burger chain to be precise.

The burger king was Mcdonald's inspired

The food chain was incarnated and founded in the year 1953 in Florida. The food chain initially serves fries, shakes, and burgers.  A few years later, a whopper sandwich was added to the menu of burger king. It was in the year 1957. Whopper burger is a quarter pound sandwich or hamburger which became world famous for its size and taste. It is served all over the world and is especially of this food chain till now. There are few restaurants which were named on whopper sandwiches known as whopper bars.

King in burger’s world

The burger king has chains all over the world with its original name but in Australia, its different. The same food chain outlet is named as Hungry Jack's. It is because of the copyright laws. According to these laws, the burger king cant is named on its original name. Thus, it changed to Hungry Jacks and is still known by that name all over Australia.

What's so special about burger king?

Burger King has insane burgers, yes, insane burgers! They have a burger called suicide burger and why suicide? Because it's over- the top burger. It has 800 calories in it and is not healthy at all. But definitely tasty because of its cheese slices, parties, bacon, sauce, and other layers as well. It’s a huge and high-calorie burger which is hard to complete in one go.

There are many events which are organized in Burger King outlets and stores to entertain sandwich lovers, and the sandwiches lovers love to be a part of these shows. There are clubs and groups which all connected just for the sake of their immense love for fries, shakes, burgers, cheese, and meat. That’s not it; crown king lets you eat unlimited food for the rest of your life. Various game shows and competitions go into winning this crown which makes you the ultimate burger king.

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